To be ‘Normal’; Or to be Extraordinary!

Isn’t it interesting that as soon as we are faced with a challenge or difficulty in life we can often be heard using the refrain “I wish I was normal“!

What it is to be ‘normal’?

This desire to be normal – to fit in to society – is very understandable when things are going awry in life and there is a yearning for stability, but it is worth noting that this ‘normal’ characteristic doesn’t exist in reality.

The perception of normal is a view taking by one being viewing from the outside an array of behaviours and experiences to a general populace and ascribing a judgement on where normalcy resides.

However this is not the case for any individual of that group at any given time.

The populace being examined are frequently carrying burdens unbeknownst to the reviewer given hidden circumstances – and from that other point of view there maybe anything but a normal life in flow.

Cultural Pressures to Conform

The culture in the west has a strong role to play in encouraging us in striving to be ‘normal’.

Our mainstream media and advertising outlets bombard us with images of successful, happy and attractive models selling brands galore that help us to fit in to society norms.

The glossy life portrayed in media sources have no room for divergence that could affect our spending habits or powers.

As my friend recalled to me recently even the medical advice literature is strewn with attractive models explaining to us our ills.

School Days

This desire to ‘fit in’ can often be traced back to school yard days where to stand out from the crowd subjected one to ridicule and intimidation by the ‘herd-like’ instincts of the peer group.

Yet as I recall the classmates that have made the most impression on me in later life where the ones that stood up against the crowd and ‘dared to be different’.

I came to realise that the ridicule my more advanced classmates endured was far outweighed by the life force gained from speaking their truth with courage and integrity!

A Life less Ordinary

So it appears that the pressures to conform to societal norms will always be with us.

However it appears to me that the virtues to be gained from being ourselves far outweigh any need to achieve normalcy in life.

We are unique beings of light energy travelling through earth in these earth suits we call human flesh.

Each of us has special gifts and talents that we’ve laid on our paths through life to be discovered as we create our reality experience.

Normal? ….There isn’t a normal person among us!

Let’s be our unique, creative and joyous selves on this life path: to be normal…. nah – not for me – I choose to be Extraordinary!!


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