A Winter’s Dawn

The reddish, auburn sky is turning a golden sandy yellow as dawn breaks on this winter morn.

Why do I feel as if am reaching in to eternity, as I become transfixed by this scene?

It strikes me that this event has been occurring throughout the ages of humanity and further back through the mists of time.

As I grasp at this scale I understand myself to be peeking through the veil of time and space and gazing at the eternal ‘Now’.

A bird echoes in the distance; it stirs ancient feelings in my bones: who am I listening to this bird song; who am I that is stunned into awe at the sight of dawn breaking?

The thought arises within that I am eternal and this scene before me is my message to myself reverberating deep within my soul….

Welcome home!

Authors note: I woke earlier then usual this morning for a Sunday and caught the dawn breaking. It truly stirred my soul and the poem above is my attempt to capture the essence of what I was experiencing! Namaste


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