A Reality in the Making… Or a Reality Breaking!?

“Is this a real life or is this just fantasy…”

A powerful opening line from rock band Queens song ‘Bohemeian Rapsody’.

I wonder are we just swimming in a fish bowl reality – stared at by passers by of some galactic hotel lobby.

I am describing the fractal nature of reality.

Is there more ‘out there’ beyond our current understanding of time and space?

Is this physical realm all there is to reality or is it like the indigenous people of Australia say (in a flip of accepted truth):

Our waking time is illusory and the true reality of our being only comes to light fully in the dream state?

Well, I am sure of this throughout all discourse on reality love is the binding force of energy across waking and the dream state.

No one can govern the flow of love energy with pure intent and in that lies great knowledge and understanding of how to break the chains of a world in bondage to the dark forces of those lower dimensions.

Those forces are sustained through greed, envy, denial of truth and poverty of spirit. This has been the earthly inhabitants lot for many eons.

Any weakened body must be nourished with small spoonfuls of liquid nutrients lest the digesting of heavy morsels cause a shut down of the recipient.

What gentle morsel can the earthly beings be fed at this time to bring sustenance and ensure they are able to thrive forward into a brighter and more radiant future?

Earth inhabitants are beings of great light possessing great faculties of remembrance of their galactic inheritance. This has remained as yet latent, largely, in the earth domain of the 3rd dimension.

There is a need to awaken to this truth – urgently!

The dew that has descended on earth dwellers needs to be shaken off; as they are many and the controlling forces are few!

The echoes of Percy Shelley’s poem is a gentle reminder that beings on earth, as incarnate souls, are choosing this current reality.

The need to awaken is, frankly, just a matter of choosing differently and making that choice from a perspective of loving intent.

This decision on a individual level – in a holographic universe – has, by necessity, far reaching consequences.

This is simple, yet earthly inhabitants are frequently trapped in the tricks of the dark forces playing on their egos; pressing on their fears and preying on their doubts.

A rejection of this trickery brings the soul expeditiously onto the path to mastery of the earthly plane.

The reaching for the higher path by more and more souls of Earth will bring the planet to a tipping point onto the 5th dimensional plane.

This new Earth radiates love and light emanating from source of all in the universe.

In essence there will be a creation of heaven on earth.

A paradise will be the unfolding of these higher choices of love!

I embrace you dear reader, as my soul family….now let’s get busy with those choices!


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