To All Light Beings of Galactic Origin

The light being has endured much shadowy negativity and deceits on this life trail.

Yet stirring inside every light beings soul is a desire to let loving energy prevail.

Instead these souls of galactic lineage are unaware of their true nature of beautiful light and become strangers on a planet from which many oft wish to take flight.

However the time of reconnecting to the family from beyond the skies means that these beautiful beings can step forth and dissolve their unwitting disguise.

The 3d reality is coming to close on earth and all are being readied for a new beginning; a rebirth!

The multidimensional nature on earth will become known: a whole consciousness lifted, the seeds of love are being sewn.

It’s the role of the light being to process the energies at this time.

To usher in this great ascension in a manner so sublime.

Thus the new Earth arises and truth, justice and peace shall reign.

And all will know freedom such that life will never seem the same.

So with this foretelling of the new blossoming of consciousness, the light beings can dance with great joy and much mirth.

As the carriers of great light on this beautiful earth.


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