Beings of Light: Remember this as your finest hour!

My being is restless and yearns to break outside of myself, am bursting at the seams;

Why is all this energy illuminating suddenly – what am I to make of my dreams?

I traverse through coloured tunnels of whirling and swirling matter, bringing flashes of brilliant light!

The panic in my body in motion creates a desperate urge to take flight.

The Earth is changing you see, of that there is no doubt;

Propelled to higher planes of thought my mind is desperate to scream and shout!

For the changes are in our DNA from carbon to crystalline we go.

We that laboured long in the fields; it’s time to harvest all we sow!

As rewards of a higher realm await – far beyond the material plane;

For the lightworker can now anchor loving unity to earth where no darkness shall ever again reign.

So the call goes out to all light workers continue to rise up and take back your power;

This is why we’ve come here, remember this as your finest hour!


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