The Clarion Call to Ascend

Shaken from my slumber; I hear alarm bells all round.

Yet all I feel is serenity in my soul; peace and harmony I resound.


The world is in a chaotic spin as strife and fear do rage unbounded;

A soul aligned with galactic knowledge can ease past the tempest, unconfounded.


For though it may appear bleak and disconcerting to the untrained eye;

It takes a certain mystical soul to gaze on this reality and ponder ‘why?’


Is it true our origins are beyond our earthly skies?

Can this knowing lead those spiritually aware to shed a suit of earth disguise?


To be a beholder of this knowledge is to know a mission has been set.

It’s time to be a force for light great courage is called for still yet.


For the earth has been, for eons now, dominated by a controlling and ignoble force;

And the mission of these ‘light‘ workers is to reawaken every soul on earth to source!

Every soul on this planet will return to unity consciousness of that there can be no doubt;

Yet the third dimension reality is reaching a point where on earth it’s time has run out.


At our essence is love that motivates us all; is our natural state of being; is our original energetic vibrations!

All light-workers are now emboldened to bring this awakening message to all nations.


Peace, hope and joy are bestowed on us as we embrace our higher calling;

May all of us welcome, with equanimity, this new Earth that is dawning!


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