As the Clouds go by….

A gentle breeze caresses my face through an open window in my room. The weather today has been quite beautiful, with sunshine throughout the day interspersed with beautiful deep cloud formations.

This time has the feeling of change that despite the awful news coverage demonstrating carnage in the world we are on the cusp of a shift.

The energies have been dense and my twin flame is feeling the effects of this very acutely. The times are calling for rest, regular hydration and breathing meditation to retain some semblance of a foothold on this reality.

The 3d is crumbling and us light beings are at the forefront of the shift up the vibratorary pattern of this earthly vessel into a higher realm of existence.

The need to remain calm is key to remaining on the wave of ascension that flows from the galactic centre of our universe.

Rather like a flume in an adventure pool: if you attempt to steady or alter your journey down the flume the water resistance creates an uncomfortable experience. Whereas the flume user that flows down with the gravitational force not twitching the body has a smoother and much more enjoyable experience. The old adage to go with the flow applies here!

The important knowing to hold to through these times though is that no matter how the journey plays out – either the jumps and bumps of massive purging or a smooth flow taking all changes swiftly into the earthly vessel, the destination is assured and we will all gather at the foot of the river together in a beautiful sharing of paradise, regardless of route to get there!

I bless and honour all souls and especially those going through the light workers path to raise the earth’s vibration to the 5d reality.

May we sustain the efforts and reach the paradise we’re yearning for together as one.

Blessings and namaste all!!


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