A Revolution of Love: to create Heaven on Earth!

A Being of Light

To become a conduit of peace on earth all ego in the mind must be released.

As this occurs, the being achieves a balanced state very swiftly and can then gain the knowing that they are in great service to the divine.

A World in Disarray

A great struggle is being played out on mother earth, a struggle that pits dark forces of the lower realms against the higher nature of humans that can purvey light that shines down on earth from the higher dimensions.

The humans count among their numbers those of a higher vibration.

These special souls are stationed on the planet as receptacles for the energies that are being emitted through the dimensions that exist beyond 3d reality of time and space – at this auspicious time for the earth.

The illusory game of light and dark on the planet is breaking down and the masks are slipping from the lead characters in this illusion unfolding!

The controllers of the earth regime are entering endgame, their puppets can no longer control the masses of the population of the planet that are no longer abiding by the rules of the game, so long dictated to them.

A Spiritual Understanding

In large numbers, people are awakening to who they really are and realising they are more than the mere pawns in a sinister agenda to enrich the few while leaving many destitute on this earth domain.

The awakening souls realise they are spirits contained in temporary earth bodies that are eternal in nature: droplets of God made manifest in this reality!

Once this realisation occurs in a soul their hearts and minds are opened to the true nature of reality and the infinite possibilities that exist beyond the hum-drum life they’d been sold.

The controlling powers ability to control this being in such a state evaporates like dew in the morning sun.

The Power from Within

As we embrace our heritage the fear that we’re anything less than extraordinary disappears.

This allows confidence in self-expression and an ability to speak out against injustice and oppression, wherever it may arise.

The Lion Sleeps no More!

It’s as if the sheep that followed the herd so blindedly makes the decision to strike out on their own only to morph into the lion it had been all along!

This parable acts as a bolster to the awakening reader – that despite how grave the conditions on earth may appear the choice to rise like a lion out of slumber is ever present in the hearts of all peoples of earth.

Once people make the choice to shake off the dust that’s settled on them and awaken to this nature all is lost for the controllers.

The power to change the world lies within and only a slip back to the old fears, doubts and anxieties can lead to a delay in the creation of heaven on earth.

The Certainty of the Followers of the Light

The rulers of earth have kept the masses in a state of servitude for eons while revelling in the power and greed of a system gone awry to the benefit of their wicked ends.

The divine plan of the cosmos was not however to abandon earth to this fate.

This experiment in a ‘free-will‘ realm has reached a denouement – with the ‘Age of Aquarius‘ a time was ushered in by 2012 and enough beings of light had altered the course of humanity away from destructive annihilation on the cards.

The light will always overcome!

The Special Souls: Light-Workers and Way-Showers

The light-workers and way-showers on the planet now have been excelling in vacuuming up the negative energies of the earth and transmuting them into the light, thereby rejuvenating gaia with the replacement light energies.

Spiritual leaders from all walks of life are emerging on the planet now.

They have lived a ‘cocoon-like‘ existence up till now, shielding themselves from the dark forces in an, often, subconscious level retaining high degrees of integrity, honesty and self-control amidst the maelstrom that had been occurring all around them in the years leading up to the 2012 planetary shift.

The task that lies before these special beings is fraught with difficulty however as the souls unaware of the earth awakening are so inured to the old regime of control and suppression that they’ll even fight to retain it – the problem of becoming dependent on your enslaver, the so called ‘Stockholm syndrome‘ at play.

Control System’s Ubiquitous Nature

The control reaches into all aspects of life: the political, business, scientific and technology realms are vested in maintaining the status quo.

There are however renegades in these fields that are rejecting the mainstream and these special beings of light are commencing a trickle of truth that will become a flood of righteousness over the time ahead to destroy the old regime’s control.

Revolution: Of Love and Consciousness

The revolution is coming – and in many cases is already here – it will not be televised, as the protest song goes, but will not be orchestrated with guns and violence either.

Instead it’ll be fuelled by a world wide shift in consciousness that will usher in cooperation and love by all peoples of every creed, race and nation on our beautiful gaia earth.

By the enactment of this shift we will have utterly changed the nature of our reality and the way humanity organises itself – with greater understanding of our galactic origins and destiny added to the fold.

In short, we will have created heaven on earth and we shall all bond together to rejoice at its arrival!

Namaste and blessings all


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