Sunday’s Soul

I feel enamored by the grace of this day; it is a day designated a rest day by our higher power.

No chores to do, no tasks to complete – it is a time of contemplation and seeking out a deeper meaning to it all!

Why are we here, born into a planet of such chaos and fear?

Is our role to eek out a life of subsistence – searching for more material comforts that will ease our passage through this time and space?

Will this help us much in missing the death day that has been set somewhere in our future?

Perhaps instead, it’s about elevating the mind to understand the great workings of this world.

A noble task to undertake, you might think, but yet doomed to be out done with the pace of a changing world and the vastness of the task.

Surely a battle to be the best mind is destined to fail?

It certainly appears that all is vanity and striving after the wind.

All is impermanence in this fleeting world it seems!

To rest in the present is to usher in the calmness of the ‘now’.

The wind rustles the leaves on a spring day; a gushing river flows by on the path of the water cycle everly present; or the breaking of the dawn on a crisp clear morning turning the purple skies to a burnt reddish orange glow: these are the aspects of life that make us feel whole and complete – like we belong in the interconnectedness of all that surrounds us!

A very mystical and eternal essence is captured by our souls in such experience.

So why are we born on this planet for a while?

To experience what’s known by our higher source that love and appreciation for the joys of life’s simplest pleasures allows our soul to grow and evolve to higher states of being.

As the tasks of our life path are set in train by coming to earth, it is up to each of us to enact this during our sojourn on earth and fulfill a greater purpose than a mundane read through life.

We capture the moments of ‘now’ to remind us of our true home – as all is a remembrance of our eternal essence.

Blessings on all souls on their path back to eternity!


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