Self-Love to Universal Love

Love starts from within oneself

To love another is to pour from your own heart that which must flow from within the self.

For a cup cannot be filled from an empty jug; to truly love others one must first love oneself.

This love of self is cultivated by realising the divinity that resides within…by inviting stillness to permeate and quieten the din.

Thus a great peace arises in the self and can awaken an awareness of who we are in the depths of our soul.

For by stilling the mind and becoming heart centred, we transfigure ourselves to be as one with creation.

We meld closer to the creator.

In the truest sense we become one with God and by living in this truth we dissolve the facade.

Therefore embrace in thyself the divine within; making it no longer possible to dwell in loneliness, misery and sin.

And by such divine awareness a love for self grows in the heart, and aids in waking up the senses to the beauty of life as a fine art.

A joy of living envelopes the self in love for all to see and enjoy.

So wade in the sea of tranquility of your own heart and be a beacon to others from where they may start…

…. merging love of the self with the universal love that surrounds us all.

For we are in essence one in this earthly place.

So by this knowing, self love becomes universal love for the whole human race.

Self Love to Universal Love

2 thoughts on “Self-Love to Universal Love

  1. Thank you for the comment norm I enjoyed the gathering also…. I particularly appreciated your comment that life could be so wonderful if we were kind and loving to each other! Simple yet powerful words!!


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