Where is God?

God is in the very beingness of life, there is nothing or nowhere God is not.

As it has been said to those seeking God “strike wood and you will find me; lift a stone and I am there.

God made in man’s image?

In our earthly dominion we are prone to think of a god that is subject to duality. A large portion of us think of a God, that it is good (God) versus evil (Devil) and that God is in some kind of battle for our hearts with a malevolent foe.

This thinking relegates God to be carved in man’s image, given God our own traits, troubles and foibles.

To speak of God truthfully is to be aware of the presence in the stillness and in the silence, the tone in the air, the very vibration of OM that birthed the universe.

As I said before there is nothing that God is not.

The fabric of love is what makes up our entire reality and, with the axiom that “God is love”, we can embrace the full implications of this: God exists in all things.

We Are All One: A Call to Unity Consciousness

This almighty and all knowing God does not relegate humanity to a role of automatons. God has bestowed on humans the great gift of free will to act upon our own volition and be creators in our own life.

In a sense in this reality we are waves of unique composition, some are gentle, while others are large and wild foamy creations, yet all part of the vast ocean and all destined to return to the ocean current only to form into a new wave once more.

Christ: As Master and Wayshower

In comprehending that we are all essentially one, we come to fully embrace the invocation of Jesus Christ to do onto others as you would have done onto you also.

What this means practically is that one person’s triumph is a triumph for all, and conversely failure for one is failure for all.

The outworking of this is that we live in true community with one another and become our brother’s keeper by virtue of adhering to this unity consciousness.

When we live by the means of unity consciousness we also come to more fully comprehend the teachings and life of Christ and realise the great wisdom in them. 

See for example the biblical recording of ‘The Penitent Thief‘ who was also been crucified with Jesus Christ on a cross at the time of Christ’s crucifixion spoke the words that washed away all his iniquities when he supplicated Christ to “remember me when you come into your kingdom!”

With this cry for mercy he humbled himself and lost all ego and God filled the space with love.

And how did Jesus reply to such a supplication?

By giving great hope and joy to all souls on this life path regardless of how far or near they believe themselves to be from God he said “tonight you will join me in paradise

A beautiful expression of unity consciousness.

The thief recognised the holy presence of Jesus Christ before him and in humility made that request to be remembered. He hadn’t escaped judgement, he judged himself and pleaded for God to show him mercy.

God is Love

For as it is said ‘God is love, he is ubiquitous and ever ready to reveal himself to those that seek him as the bible reminds us “draw near to God and he will draw near to you

Yet God so loves us that we are giving the gift of freewill, which, sadly, many of us have used in the modern world to shun our godly nature and reject the love that is readily available to us should we choose such a path.

Yet by this very freewill we always have a path to God’s love and heart compassion and God will melt away all our impurities until we become as pure as the gold that has gone through the furnace.

We become, like the penitent thief, the prodigal son or the tax collector, in the biblical accounts, whom all turned to the light of God in recognising their erroneous paths.

By living the godly life we begin storing our riches in heaven and with this we are setting up our place in paradise.

God bless!


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