God’s World

God’s World is Love on Earth

In God’s world, I am infinite in my being. I assuage all fears, worries and doubts by my inner-self, which beckons me to the stillness of the present….the ‘pre-sent’… moment of NOW!

As I radiate the light of my soul, fully into this presence, I awaken the deep still consciousness of my being into my form on earth.

By this alchemy I am whole and complete, with an binding connection to divinity.

And from this place, in which I reside my beingness, all the dross of the matrix reality falls away and my true raiments are revealed in all wondrous splendour!

I am as the lilies of the field adorned with beauty and majesty by my acceptence of the now and fully aware of the surrounding abundance as our true nature.

All fake needs and false desires of a commodified world are exposed as illusory and dissolve away like the dew on a sunny morn.

I am fully alive. I am fully awakened. I am the infinite light of my soul and I project this light onto the path for others, whom still dwell in the darkness.

By embracing the still, quiet, aspect of self I welcome the love of God and spread this love everywhere I go.

I become that clear spark of divinity quickening the advent of heaven on earth and entering fully into God’s world!


God’s world: Entering into Divinity

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