Contemplations – A Dialogue with the Divine

Contemplations #1 24th February 2022

Time and illusion…

Yesterday passed before my eyes, I take a deep breathe and I’m lurched back to the present. This prompts the question in me ‘By what force are we propelled forward in time?’ ‘Is this linear model set in stone? Or is it, perhaps, possible for my spirit to take me through the annals of history, or even, project me further in to a future point in time?’

These thoughts are borne out of boredom these scribbles are being made from a frustrated mind. There is a need to register my presence in time in which I’ve now existed.

I’m reluctant to let go of the certainties of the reality that presents itself to me. Yet I am intrigued as to what gifts await the linear human mind ready to evolve to a multi-dimensional existence.

I yearn, in an unhealthy desiring, to write what has thus far been unsaid, to touch upon a great truth that illuminates the path of us all on this human sojourn.

As I still my mind and its yearning, I come to realise that all this searching is vanity, when the time is set, and divine will wills it, I shall answer the call.

I banish all frustration in what I need to do or say from my mind. I just reside in the peacefully nature of this moment, letting the sun shine across my kitchen table and tune to the birds warble, greeting the day to come.

And from this place of stillness I shall hear my soul calling ‘Father show me the way!’… I await patiently for the love filled reply.