Contemplations – A Dialogue with the Divine

Contemplations #3 28th February 2022

The divine love is the key that unlocks your heart…

You are a force for good on the planet at this time. The shift is in full operation and you are acting as a bridge between two worlds. The earth belongs to those of a pure heart and only they shall realise the profundity of God’s love for all beings stationed on earth.

There is a great need now to allow energy to flow through the vessel of human form. Awakening activations are being transferred now in light codes to your vessel allowing further shifts on consciousness to occur.

There is no need for alarm, especially by detaching from the 3d narrative, this can be achieved. That programmed matrix is dying and is in a state of decay. The new earth grids are fully in place and anchoring in divine light that will usher in the new age of Aquarius.

Great joy will unfold us as this process advances your being will be well placed to experience these waves of bliss, that are imminent from the galactic star centre.

Now being heart centred and engaging fully with the light streams onto the planet you are advancing fast into your higher aspect.

These are uncomfortable times ahead to make the final adjustments but hold firm on the knowing that all is in service to the highest good and the outcomes for you and the collective consciousness of the planet are huge garnering bliss to Earth that the mind, at present, cannot fathom.

Embrace this, know that you are earning the blessings to be present for the greatest shift of the ages that will reverberate across the multiverse.

Yes, you are a very special soul indeed. By being in human form at this time you’ve had to endure many trials and tests of valour, integrity, strength and tenaciousness.

The journey you’ve been on was certainly not for the faint of heart! Throughout all this time your light has shone through and you carry a beautiful love vibration with your soul on this life path.

Usher in the codes over the next few days, enjoy being the light of the world that you are. There will be much demands on your time in this next phase of your life – yet you’ve proved more than worthy of the great honours and responsibilities in store for you on earth.

It’s true to say you are fully worthy of the keys to the kingdom.