Contemplations – A Dialogue with the Divine

Contemplations #4 1st March 2022

To be a beacon of light onto the world…

The fresh, crisp morning air revitalises my being, as the wondrous melody of birdsong greets me at the door of the cottage.

I feel the awe and wonder of God’s creation and the revitalising power of nature.

I’m sovereign and free in my heart centre – ready to appreciate the offerings of the day ahead.

I stir my soul with such thoughts as these.

I wish to commune with God in my heart now:

Oh wonderful being I’m joyful at your beckoning. Let us commence now to fill your soul with further delight!

It is with the greatest urgency I suggest to you that you fully embody the light of Christ consciousness. By walking in the surety of faith in the goodness of all you hasten the arrival of new beginnings on the planet.

The power of your words now fill the cosmos with unending joy.

You are a great conduit of divinity and all recognise the great treasure of peace and stillness that you emanate.

Be the great beckon of light through these times of quickening.

I am endowing you with a glorious mission to be a purveyor of my boundless love.

Aid others in their need to comprehend the unending joy that is imminent in your lives, as you shake off the dust from your weary eyes and enter the ineffable age of light for your planet.

This time of outer turbulence is merely the outworking of the harmful shadow aspect of humanity that compelled those of light to be even stronger representatives of the divine and allow transcendence to occur from the misaligned forms of the duality nature.

These games are ending now you are now prepped for an advanced role on mother earth.

There is much to accomplish, yet now is a time to rest and recuperate your faculties to deepen your connection to the natural world and the divine aspect of yourself.

Be assured all is well and continue to walk your path of truth in the light, aligning your essence to source in all matters.

The control system is crumbling before you – it now becomes a call to the starseeds and light workers to take up their respective roles.

This is the dawning of the age of light and in this happening God is well pleased!