Contemplations – A Dialogue with the Divine

Contemplations #5 19th March 2022

Divine Mercy in my Soul…..

I am the captain of my soul. Yet my mind fritters in a frenzy to prove to the world that I am that which has always been!

What folly this is, to strive to impress my awareness of being one with all that is? Whom am I supposed to be impressing?

My mind spirals into a despairing spin as its lurching for grandure is deflated. Yet what fills the vacuum is the unbounded realisation of the divine nature of the self.

That the omnipotent and omnipresence of God, our creator, fuels this vessel and no aspect of self that is not borne of the attributes of God can survive.

I am being perfected in the image of my creator and through this I am the embodiment of pure joy, peace and love. For these are the natural attributes of God’s holy creation.