Contemplations – A Dialogue with the Divine

Contemplations #2 25th February 2022

New Earth dawn…

The early morning sun streams through my window.

I feel a vibrancy and gaiety in being present in this moment. No frown can make its presence felt across my expression. I expect only good things and joyous experiences from this day.

In joy: as love expressed, I gather others up in its whirlwind. All longing and desiring ceases to be – as the warble of the birds greets the early morning sun rising.

I’m no longer weighted down by the troubles of the mind invading my being and keeping me tied to this decaying matrix of subservience and control.

No, instead I’m shedding my old ways – that cocoon and have kept me trapped in misery and despair, I no longer keep company with those thought forms.

My life is blossoming, I am rising in awareness of the self and in that I surrender my free will (willingly) to the Divine will of God.

I’m here as a vessel for the divine to express through. No less nor no more than my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

I, now await in patient faithfulness, the calling to be of service in the great awakening on our earth.

As I contemplate my new role in the new earth dawning, I am filled with joy as love expressed – as we usher in the golden age for humanity and all God’s creation.