Contemplations – A Dialogue with the Divine

Contemplations #6 29th March 2022

God in all things….

I am a flowering of consciousness into this sub reality matrix. I am being unburdened by the trials and tribulations of this world.

Instead, I am elevated up to the most serene and joyful aspect of my being.

No longer mired in separation. My Father and I are one, fully realised in this earthly vessel that houses my true divine nature.

I scythe through the dross false entrapments of desires and low vibrating emotions, to become fully into my light essence. In this enactment I radiate out divine love and beauty to ignite the flame of divinity in others, ready to awaken, that accompany me on this life path.

My heart becomes the master of my head and I then surrender my free will to the Divine will of the one who created me, and in this surrendering an ocean of possibilities open up. I become aware of the vastness of my divine inheritance.

All this knowing comes from a seeking of the kingdom of God to achieve a full realisation of self and consequently a merging with the mind of God that contains all.

This act allows the material aspect of self to be subdued and permits God to fully express his wonders into this world.

For, as it has been said, without God I can do nothing. Yet, with God all things become possible.


Rumi – Like Sunlight Upon the Earth

I am from you and at the same time, you have devoured me.

I melt in you since through you I froze.

You squeeze me with your hand,

And then you step on me with your foot.

This is how the grape becomes wine.

You cast us like sunlight upon the earth.

And our light, passing through the body, as if it were an open window to our Source,

returns, purified, to You.

Whoever sees the sun says “she is alive”,

And whoever sees only the window says, “she is dying”.

He has veiled our origin in that cup of pain and joy.

Within our core we are pure,

All the rest is dregs.

Source of the soul of souls, Shams, the Truth of Tabriz,

a hundred hearts are afire for you.

Bhagavad-Gita – Universal Form

Chapter 9 v 18 & 19

“I am the goal, sustainer, master, witness, abode, refuge, and dearest friend indeed. I am everything’s basis, creation and end, the resting place and eternal seed.

I control the rain, and the drought and heat. I am immortality and death, matter and spirit are at my feet.”

And so it is..