Contemplations – A Dialogue with the Divine

Contemplations #7 29th April 2022

Emerging from the shadows…. Soul free!

Dare to be free by relinquishing all desiring.

Live in a state of acceptance of ‘what is’.

Do not fall victim to fear of the unknown.

The initiating of the search for soul release brings on an elevation to the highest throne of God.

Discover who you are among all the chaos and confusion.

The principle of oneness is experienced in the heart to illuminate the mind.

Be at peace in the stillness of your gentle beating heart.

Rise out of shadow and be the light to irradicate the darkness through your open heart space.

By becoming more aware of the ‘unmovable mover’ – you stride towards divine nature and merge with God above.

No greater gift is attained then to become self realised in this earthly form. For your key to being free is then placed in your hand and your mind is free from bondage.

Great power is alloted to the being that attains self mastery and no outside force can influence or agitate this great being of light.

Encouraged by these words to pursue a great path towards Truth. This brings the aspirant much focus and life purpose.

Therefore in echoing the great sages and savants of earlier times. A door is opened in the heart and mind of the aspirant to leave all toil and powerlessness behind.

For the struggle – as a necessary step in soul growth – has served a great purpose well.

The time for awakening out of the dream spell has arrived. None of the false matrix will survive.

Great is it so to be a self realised soldier of God in this consciousness game of life and to be led by divine will.

This act ushers in a new dawn for the earth and humanity rejoices to be in these times.

Now, let the bells toll and the people gather round. For a great joy has unfolded by God’s will and grace.

As it is said “Those that walked in darkness have seen a great light.”

Let the candle in the window lead those lost home.

As all fear and doubt is banished from the psyche….

All is revealed in the grand soul rising.